Martial Arts

  • Our proven curriculum will help develop balance, coordination, strength, self-control, respect, and self-discipline, all while having fun in a safe, positive environment. Classes are based on their age and ability level because young children learn in a different way than pre-teens and teens. Our instructors are trained to teach in the best way for the learning styles of the class.

  • As students progress through the curriculum, they earn colored belts and awards. Our program is designed such that children set achievable goals and make regular progress. Skills are developed and material increases in complexity over time, building confidence and a sense of accomplishment instead of frustration.

    • Karate
      is the first system taught at Villari's. It teaches powerful movements and footwork.
    • Kempo
      has more complex hand and foot movements and teaches self-protection.
    • Shaolin
      adds movements based on observations of the five Shaolin animals: Dragon, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Tiger. It teaches quick and flowing movements.


  • Character development has always been an integral part of traditional martial arts training.

    Every class incorporates learning from the three school rules: Respect, Self Discipline and Self Control. Each month we focus on a different area of character development.

    Children can participate in the Colors of Character program where they earn different colored bars by explaining the school rules in increasing detail.

  • Black Belt Training Classes
    Once the child has progressed through the beginner class, they move on to Black Belt Training classes. BBT classes are longer with more focus on material. Building important skills and guiding children to Black Belt.
  • Leadership Program
    Villari's has a separate optional program where more advanced students can learn weapons as well as leadership skills. Children train with weapons such as foam nunchuks, the Chinese Broadsword and Bo Staff.
  • Sport Karate
    Children looking for more challenge can participate in our optional Sport Karate class. The class focuses on sparring which allows children to use their karate skills with more motion in a safe but competitive environment.


  • At Villari's, earning a Black Belt does not entitle someone to teach. The Villari's Instructor Training Program trains instructors how to teach students. It covers the basics of class structure, how to make class fun as well as an understanding of learning styles and teaching students of different ages and abilities. Instructors are certified on three levels: Instructor Assistant, Instructor Intern and Certified Instructor.

    In addition, all of our Instructors and classroom assistants receive monthly training to enhance their skills and ensure a consistent teaching environment.

    Our instructors are black belts in Shaolin Kempo Karate, and are trained to teach children. They become familiar with every child, learning their names, strengths and areas for improvement. Instruction is tailored to the needs of your child in a group setting.


30-45 Minute Group Classes
Class times:
Age 4-7 Mon/Wed @ 4pm
Age 7-14 Mon/Wed @ 4:45pm
Age 7-14 Tue/Thu @ 5:30pm
Saturday morning classes
Cost:$120 Monthly membership for 2 classes per wk.
We have flexible membership rates for the number of classes per week and long term discounts. Call for details.
No contracts and Family Discounts
Private lessons:
By appointment
Cost: $40 for one or $175 for five
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