Break away

from your busy day!

  • Martial Arts were originally developed and practiced for self defense. Over time, other benefits were identified.

    • Improving the Body

      Our martial arts classes are a great workout. Classes incorporate exercises for strength and balance as well as improving cardiovascular health. Classes are fun and entertaining, encouraging students to work with others. Different instructors means a different workout every class. An interesting workout is more likely to become a long-term habit

    • Improving the Mind

      Experts have determined that adult brain power diminishes over time if not challenged. Martial Arts develop memorization skills and strengthen the mind-body connection. More important, the classes are fast and focused, taking your attention away from the daily grind.

    • Self Defense

      Personal protection is an important skill for everyone. In class situations, students practice real techniques on real people. Practicing techniques through drills builds the students' confidence in how to handle themselves in fight or flight situations. Through practice, the student learns skills that can help them defend themselves in any situation - big or small. After only a few classes, students will have several practical self defense techniques.

Getting Started

  • You can start martial arts classes at any age, fitness level and ability.

    Each class includes a warm up, a fitness segment and training in martial arts. The training is focused on self defense. The forms, techniques are all geared to protect you from an attack. The classes focus on karate when you first start learning. Karate teaches you how to put power in all your strikes. With time and training you will become stronger mentally and physically.

    Adults looking for more challenge can participate in our optional Sport Karate class. It features sparring and is a great cardio workout while practicing fighting with minimal contact.

Martial Arts

  • System Foundations

    At the core of the Villari's system are three traditional martial arts:

    Karate is the first system taught at Villari's. It teaches powerful movements and footwork.

    Kempo has more complex hand and foot movements and teaches self-protection.

    Shaolin adds movements based on observations of the five Shaolin animals: Dragon, Snake, Crane, Leopard and Tiger. It teaches quick and flowing movements.


60 Minute Group class:
Class times:
Monday and Thursday
6:30 -7:30pm
Saturday 9 - 10am
Cost: $120 Monthly membership for 2 classes per wk.
We have flexible membership rates for the number of classes per week and long term discounts. Call for details.
No contracts
Private lessons:
By appointment
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Adult Programs

Martial Arts: Karate, Kempo, Shaolin 3 classes per week to choose from. Take 1 or all 3.
Private Lessons: By appointment, take a one on one class with an instructor. Good for learning details and practicing them in class.
Tai chi: Great for flexibility and health
ATP: Advanced Training Program is a mix of private plus group martial arts lessons.
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Tai Chi Classes

  • Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese system for health cultivation, clear thinking, and peace of mind. The gentle moves relieve high blood pressure, anxiety, stress, and improve balance. It improves balance, focus and coordination while it reduces stress. Students will learn something new, have some fun, and feel energized. All moves are safe and low-impact.


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